Best credit card for your kid

Best credit card for your kid

Have you noticed how young people spend money without knowing a stop? Most young people don’t have credit card habits and there are plenty reasons for that. For example, they know that if they spend money now, they will have to figure out the way to restore them later. “Later” is that word that gives them ease. Second, the market is so well-developed that every second there is some commercial or advert that stimulates some need. If you are young and you don’t have a mechanism to ignore adverts and market tricks, you are lost. Imagine that you are 17 years old and your parents gave you, your first credit card from, you think that the world is in front of you and you will restore the money later. You will get the same result every time – one very angry parent.

Is it possible to find the best credit card for your kid?

Yes, it is completely possible but you have to develop credit card habits long before your kid is 17 years old. We have gathered some things to help you with adapting your kid to spending money wisely. Every child can be controlled better if he is living with you. So if your child is still listening to you, it is not too late. You should explain to your kid that there is a difference between need and want and to categorize them is essential. For example, people who usually have a lot of debts are not spending money constantly; they make one impulsive purchase at a time. So knowing what you need and what you want will help a lot.

Teach your kids to make regular payments several times per month. A Very good method is showing their own credit history and makes them underline all impulsive things that they have bought. We promise you, next month you will not see this item on the list again. Paying more than one time to the bank is something that will teach them to keep their limits low.

The best thing living with your parents is that there is someone who is taking care of you and your debts. If your kids make some mistakes don’t punish them very hard, the only way to develop debt awareness is to make mistakes and learn from them. If you have to cover some emotional purchase, just do it and make them feel guilty, and we promise you they will not do it again. Watch after your kid’s credit card safety, too. Don’t trust your kid if he is trying to convince you that the game he has wanted so badly was bought with his credit card from a stranger. Don’t forget that your kid will make everything to run from responsibility, especially if you have been taking care of his money.

Best credit card in Singapore for your kid from At first start with credit card Singapore with a low limit. Your kid will adapt to wear a wallet with a card and will not spend more than he can afford. Of course, insist the account have an online bank account and follow his purchases if there is a need, discuss them with him.

If your kid is driving, it is a good idea to give him a gas credit card.

This way he will be responsible for the expenses for his car. If you give them a real credit card, find some with low-interest rate and low annual fee. Credit cards in Singapore are very popular so there is a lot of competition and this is the perfect environment to negotiate better terms. Leave your child to research different credit cards. This is really helpful because he will learn to read carefully and think a lot of having a contract with banks. If you think that your child will choose the first one from the list, you can relax, because there are so many discounts at and rewards that he will choose at least several hours.


Art projects for kids at home

Art projects for kids at home

People constantly repeat that art classes can improve your child’s behavior. In addition, art will encourage your child to become a better learner. Usually, art classes include a lot of fun games and projects. We decided to gather some art projects that your kids can make at home. Of course, they will need some basic tools like a paintbrush, paper, and paint brushes. Art projects are developing children’s individuality and expedition. For example, toddlers become really good at holding brush which will be helpful for their writing in the future.

Although art classes, like Muzart, can’t be copied at home because teachers who educate children are highly experienced you can make with your children some art projects at home. Don’t forget that art is in the heart not in the brain so if you don’t have some tool or you want to change the paint with pastels, do it. There are a lot of different kinds of art and all of them will help your children to become better people.

Draw me a cartoon character

Most cartoon characters are really complex for drawing. Specialists work on their design for months so we can enjoy the final result. If your kid has his favorite cartoon character, find some colorful picture with bright contours. You will need a paper, too. Be extremely careful, because paper should be slightly transparent. Apply the paper to the picture and teach your child how to repeat the lines. This method is extremely interesting for small kids. When the picture is done, they will be proud of their success. It is almost like they draw it by themselves. However, if you want to increase the challenge, teach your child how to repeat the drawing, only by looking the original one or the copy (if it is a good copy). When the drawing is finished you can hang it up on the fridge and choose another one more complicated.



Draw me a season

Ask your child which is his favorite season. There are certain things that are typical for a certain season. Ask your children to tell you which are these things, for example, autumn falling leaves, hot summer sand and etc. When your child tells you things he or she links to a certain season, go and find them outside. If you want to create an autumn, you should find some leaves. Our advice is to choose red and yellow leaves instead of brown ones. If your child thinks that autumn is muddy, get some mud from outside. When you are ready, go back home and stick all these things on a paper. If there are some things that should be drawn, ask your child to fill up the blanks.

Can you imagine how many things your child will learn during this art project?

First, he or she will learn to link season with some of its characteristics. Second, he or she will learn that art can include real objects not only painted ones. Third, he will be proud with the result that he/she has created something unique. If only one art project can teach your children so many things, imagine how useful art classes are. Not only they are led by professional educators but all projects like this are encouraging children’s curiosity and individuality. Art classes in Singapore are very well situated so it will be easy to you to lead your child there. Usually, one class contains 5, 6 children because educator has to be able to pay attention to all of them. Quality art education is not only painting and drawing, it is taking care for children’s ideas and encourage their fearless creativity.