Photo booth history

old photo booth examples

A photo booth is not a product or a brand name. It was a great invention that we take for granted today. It has a long history separated by three periods. Many people consider photo booth as an old invention that is not evolving in any way. This is a completely wrong consideration. Today, there are fancy photo booths, as, that could make your images amazing. Imagine that you could have a 3D photos with no efforts.

Where does photo booth come from?

A photo booth is a machine for photos so its history is intertwined with camera’s history. At the beginning of XX century, many people have found different methods how to improve a photographic process. The result was photo booth invention. The second period in photo booth history links to Anatol Marco Josepho. He has made great improvements in photo booth technology. Eventually, Mutoscope Company has bought his patent of an improved machine. The last period is so-called distribution – all the world got to know what photo booth is. At first, the spreading started from Europa and America but eventually, all the world has met photo booth. In Singapore today we have more than one type of photo booths. We use them for parties and events regularly.

Photo-Me has invented digital colour photo booths at the end of XX century. That’s why today we are able to handle photo booth operation with computer and software systems. That’s why next time when you hire a photo booth for your party in Singapore, you will be able to get as many copies as you want, printed immediately. Today except for parties, we use photo booths for making photos for our documents, driver licenses, etc. Although there are many photo booths in Singapore, they are spread in Europe and USA, too.

Why are photo booths so important?

If we look back, we will notice that making an art can be in every shape and form. Making an art using a photo booth is easy and well appreciated. As long as one man wants to shoot something no matter if it is his portrait, dog, or props, it is a type of art. In the past, many people have found an inspiration in taking pictures of themselves with photo booths. Curtains have always had a special meaning in people’s mind and having the opportunity to hide behind curtains and capture the moment is a unique one. People have done everything in it, including striptease. So, if we have to sum up the meaning of photo booths is curtains and art.

Photo booths today.

First, there are two general types of photo booths – open and closed ones. Closed photo booths are cool but they have limited space. If you want to hire a photo booth in Singapore for your party or event, don’t choose a close one because group photos will be a hard task. Open photo booths are not limited and many people can attend one photo. Imagine all of your friends with funny props and smiles. It sounds like a photo that you would want to save as long as possible. Props are next thing you should have in mind if you are planning to hire a photo booth in Singapore. They could make amazing photos and entertain your guests for hours.


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