Plastic surgery in Singapore – the best option

Plastic surgery in Singapore – the best option

The number of women who undergo plastic surgery in Singapore has proportionately increased the last years. Patients have numerous reasons to lie under the knife. Most women don’t feel they are enough beautiful, or they have some traumatic relationship which ended badly, so they need higher self-esteem. Having a plastic surgery 15 years ago was expensive and most people don’t approve it. Today, we face a completely different reality – if you don’t like something in yourself better change it than live with the shape in your mind for your whole life. Women without plastic surgery are just a small percent – around 30% in Singapore. Two of three women have at least one improvement classified as minor or major plastic surgery.

What are the most common reasons for having plastic surgery?

The short answer is self-esteem but so many people today focus on self-esteem that we will seek for deeper answers. A part of women are chubby or have some body parts with more fat cells than they should have. These women are brave enough to admit it and look for a problem-solving decision. Taking pills for slimming and dieting are not always as successful as we desire. In addition, these women often had been chubby children, and they have suffered from the idea they will never be thin enough. These thoughts are toxic and sometimes they limit their abilities due to prejudices and insecurities. If the case is so serious, better undergo plastic surgery than being a slave to fears whole your life.

Weddings are another very common reason for undergoing plastic surgery in Singapore according to Dream Plastic Surgery. Women grow up with the idea of wedding fairytale. Since teenage years all girls have folders with wedding dresses and things they want for their weddings. That’s why the struggle for a perfect wedding is not something you can simply ignore. Brides desire the best photos, the best dress, the best part, etc. Of course, the best body and the best look are on the top of this list. Plastic surgeries for so special occasions have to be performed enough time before the occasion. If the patient is worrying that she won’t be ready for the wedding date then better postpone the plastic surgery. Usually, future brides undergo v shape face procedures, liposuctions or double eyelid surgeries. All of these plastic surgeries are helping brides to look amazing on their wedding photos. Who doesn’t want to look good on his photos?

wedding after a plastic surgery

What are the main trends in plastic surgery in Singapore?

Basically, people want to become two things – or they want to look like someone (including their relatives or celebrities) or they want to be a better version of themselves. While looking like some popular person was more common last century, today most women desire to look just better. Plastic surgeons in Singapore always encourage their patients to opt for natural results because beauty is hiding in simple things.

What you should have in mind if you go for plastic surgery overseas?

One of the most important things about plastic surgery is the medical credibility of the surgeon. Travelling abroad always hide a risk of overcharging or less experience than presented. Another trouble is illegal brokers which will offer you only a few clinics, which have paid them earlier.

There are cases where the patient has a surgeon but after the anaesthesia, the surgeon retreated and less experienced surgeon performed the surgery. As you may notice, patients should be careful with such misleading practices.

girl hiding her face before plastic surgery in singapore

Another common case is not enough communication between the surgeon and the patient. In the end, this will have an effect on the results. Sometimes different languages make communication more complicated even with a translator.

Lack of follow-up care might be a bad decision, also. The plastic surgery is important but follow-up care might be as much important. Recovery includes pain, discomfort and even scar healing so all of them might become a problem in future. Most of the patients can’t or don’t want to go back again for a follow-up, so Singaporean specialists have to correct the post-surgery results.

The most important thing, if you have decided to have plastic surgery is not the price, but the expertise of the surgeon. A better-educated surgeon with better practices will give you better results and you won’t look in the mirror and feel sorry.