Physiotherapist recommends: Physical activity of 2-6 years old children

Physiotherapist recommends: Physical activity of 2-6 years old children

Preschool education is important for developing children mind and body. Teachers and parents have to pay attention to physical activity because it will define children’s development in future. Physiotherapists make research, which covers around 1500 children at preschool age. The aim of the study is to show what the level of physical activity in preschool activities is, is it enough, and how to improve it. But first, let’s see how much time kids spend in preschool. The average time one kid spends in preschool is around 7 hours and 45 minutes. Most of it, children play, sleep or eat. Sounds like they have some physical activity but lets found out what physiotherapists in Singapore find out.

What the level of physical activity is in preschools?

Educational methods include mostly sedentary behaviour. For people, who are not familiar with this term we will explain that it means the child is sitting while playing or studying. Children stay in the classroom and play on the floor with almost no physical activity. They pay in large groups where space and movements are limited. In some preschool running indoors is forbidden because there is a higher risk of traumas. In addition, children spend at least 2 hours in bed and half an hour in eating which is also sedentary activities.

If we pay attention to the outdoor activities – the size of the yard matters. It is proven that sandbox, water and construction toys are decreasing the level of physical activity.

Asian schoolgirl reading a book in a park sedentary behaviour

Why physical activity is so important for children between 2-6 years?

This is the age where children gain physical and emotional experience. If you limit the activity of one child he literally won’t be able to explore and learn. Studies show how the levels of activity are important about obesity, cardiometabolic system and bone density. In addition, children, who are fit have a better ability to learn and remember new things. In this age, remembering is extremely important.

Every physiotherapist in Singapore in Physioactive knows the term MVPA which means a higher level of activity – moderate to vigorous. Children are considered to have mean MVPA if they have only 16 minutes per day jumping, running or other similar activities. Special research finds out they need between 60 and 120 minutes every day in order to have maximum development and good bone mineralization.

If we dig into the data, we will find out that boys have few points higher MVPA than girls but it is still not enough.

kids playing games

What does physiotherapist recommend in this case?

Sedentary behaviour should be limited as much as possible. Handling activities are important but not more important than running and jumping. Preschools should have a bigger internal environment and a bigger playground outside. Rules and routines are also good for children education but knowing that they sometimes do not apply is also extremely important. In the indoor premises, physiotherapist recommends to have pushing and pulling equipment. Along with portable slides and jumping trampolines, they will make a perfect environment for higher MVPA. Racing, jumping and scaling should be a daily plan, not a one-time experience. A study shows that children play more actively with fixed equipment than with a portable one. For example, they prefer marking on the floor than portable waterslides. They burn more energy and increase the level of MVPA easily.

In conclusion, physiotherapists claim that static toys should be limited and preschools should pay more attention to what part of their activities are sedentary. Having more area for jumping and running will give the children a sense of happiness and will help their bone structure develops properly.

What causes macular dystrophy?

What causes macular dystrophy?

Macular dystrophy is a are Eye Disease. Most eye diseases could be corrected with glasses or surgery but not this one. Unfortunately, macular dystrophy is not curable. The reason hides in the fact that it is not simple eye disease but more like a genetic disease. Keep reading and you will find out what causes macular dystrophy and why there is no cure for it.

What in fact is macular dystrophy?

Probably you know what is the structure of your eyes but in case you don’t, we will briefly explain it. In every human eye, there is a retina. In the middle of the retina, you can find the macula. The macula is responsible for colour perception and central vision. As you can guess, when the macula can’t perform its own duties, the person can’t see properly.

People report that they have significant difficulties to see in front of them so they can’t drive or read. The damage part is actually pigment cells that overcome the macula. That’s why the patient has blurred vision in front of him. An interesting fact is that the rest of the vision is intact. Unfortunately, macular dystrophy is a progressive disease so a patient’s condition will become worse with time. That’s why the best case scenario is the ophthalmologist to find out how fast patient’s condition is developing. Then the patient will have enough time to prepare his life and family and to adapt.

What causes macular dystrophy?

The only part of the reason is clear to the medics – genetic mutation. In details, if the BEST1 gene mutates, it causes Best disease, if the PRPH2 gene mutates, it causes adult-onset macular dystrophy. That’s all science know about causes of macular dystrophy. They don’t know why these genes mutate, they don’t know why mutation is causing storing pigmentation cells in the macula and they don’t know how to stop the process of happening.

Have in mind, that macular degeneration is a completely different term. It is the name of another eye disease, which is caused by ageing not mutation. You could distinguish two types of eye disease as you remember that the macular dystrophy occurs in children also while macular degeneration only in adults. However, both of them have the same symptoms like blindness or blurring in the central vision.

An elderly man eye disease

How could I find out if I have macular dystrophy?

The simple answer is that you will have troubles with your vision but you won’t be able to determine which is the exact cause. That’s why booking an appointment for visiting ophthalmologist is the best thing you can do. Actually, he won’t be able to tell you the reason only by examining you he will run some additional tests. One of them is fluorescein angiography, which is able to define if there is retinal damage and how bad it is. Next step is finding out how fast the disease is developing.

Another test which you might have to do is optical coherence tomography. It detects if there is a presence of yellow-brown pigment in the macula. If there is one, you have macular dystrophy.

The last option is the electroretinographic examination. It will show how bad or good your eyes see light. The quantity of received light beams will show if there is some serious internal problem. The ophthalmologist will determine if you have to make additional tests.

All tests are completely safe and won’t hurt your eyes. In addition, they are painless so you don’t have to worry about the pain. Find a good eye specialist and trust his assessment of your condition. Eye specialists with enough experience will lead you through the process and will answer all your questions. They will also explain to you and point you in the right direction for treatment options.

Macular Dystrophy treatment options

As we mentioned above, there is still no cure for this eye condition. Light in the tunnel are some gene therapies. The stem cell therapy shows significant improvement – it stops the development of the disease. There are not many tests because stem cell therapy is expensive and hard to perform but from the data, which is available, we might expect good things to happen in the future.

How to permanently remove freckles?

How to permanently remove freckles?

Snow white skin was a beauty standard for years. Today, most people don’t imagine plane white skin when we think of a beautiful face. Most people prefer slightly olive skin, that’s why solariums are so popular nowadays because people with crystal white skin can’t dye it in another color. However, sunbathing and solariums have one bad consequence – freckles. Most people just notice one morning these little brown spots, which had come from nowhere. Usually, this fateful morning is right after they came back from a holiday on the beach. The disappointment and the horror appear exactly at this moment. Panic follows and online browsing how to remove them as fast as possible before someone notice. Thankfully, there are worse things that could happen with your skin than freckles so don’t being a drama queen. Let’s find out what exactly are freckles and how to permanently remove them.

How do freckles appear?

Sun exposure causes our skin cells to produce more melanin. The result is a golden tan that we all love so much. Tanning beds do the same but the process is slightly different. However, both, tanning beds and sun exposure increase melanin in body cells. If the process goes on, melanin production becomes too much, and we see it as a freckle.

Some people are predisposed to freckles appearing. Usually, they have white skin and light hair colour. However, if we find 2 people with the same skin colour this doesn’t mean they will have equal quantity freckles. Scientists consider that the most important factor when it comes to freckles is heredity.

OK, so we already know what are freckles and how they appear, now let’s move on how to remove them and never see them again.

How to remove freckles forever?

Honey and vinegar

Mix two tablespoons with vinegar and honey. Apply the mixture on your whole face or on freckles only. You should stay 15 minutes top with the mask. Rinse it with warm water because honey is not easy to wash away. Repeat that every single day and the vinegar will whiten melanin cumulation.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a plant, which has amazing properties. If you apply aloe vera gel on your freckles and massage for several minutes it will penetrate deep into the skin. Unlikely vinegar, aloe vera might stay on your face for a few hours. Aloesin in the Aloe vera prevent pigmentation from developing so you can stop the process in its early stages.

Banana peel

First, eat the banana. Apply the banana peel on the freckles area. Use the inner part of the banana. Gluconolactone is a magical ingredient that helps with anti-ageing and darken spots. Try to do this at least once every two days.

woman with freckles in front of flower shop

Eggplant slice

You going to need a small slice of eggplant. Rub it to your freckles and rinse it after 15 minutes. Don’t forget to remove the excessive eggplant from your skin because It can start to irritate it. You can make this every day because eggplants have many vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Good to know is that homemade masks need time and repetitions to start acting. If you need to remove your freckles fast, then there is something called laser pigmentation removal suitable for freckles exactly.

Freckles removal with laser

Aesthetics clinics in Singapore offer freckles removal with lasers. The procedure is fast and there is no downtime. Laser treatments are suitable for removing any types of pigmentation, including dark spots, tattoos, etc. There are different waves according to the different pigmentation but the technology is almost the same. For more details and answers to commonly asked questions about laser treatment for freckles, you have to consult with a specialist in Singapore. They will recommend treatment and will tell you how to take care of your skin in the future.

Skin care is essential no matter what you consider as beauty. Regular cleaning and applying a sunblock are the two things that you should do to protect your skin daily. Don’t forget that freckles might be cute and don’t need removal.

Pediatric orthopaedic conditions

Pediatric orthopaedic conditions

Most health conditions affect not only adult people but children, too. Parents have this in mind and that’s why they have paediatricians. Sometimes specific health conditions require a doctor with higher expertise in a significant area.

What is Pediatric Orthopaedic?

This is a specific type of doctor, who treats and diagnoses musculoskeletal conditions among children. Unlike surgeons, pediatric orthopaedics can provide surgical and non-surgical treatments according to They treat babes and children so you can trust their professionalism and expertise.

What does a pediatric orthopaedic do?

They will diagnose the exact reason for your child’s health problem and will recommend a treatment or rehabilitation. They will lead it and will correct it when it is necessary. Children and babies have bodies, that are not completely developed so pediatric orthopaedics change the therapy according to a child’s body and organism.

pediatric orthopaedist singapore

What is their salary?

Their expertise is one of the highest among doctors so it logical their salaries to be higher, too. According to financial reports, the average annual salary of pediatric orthopaedic is $430,000. If this sounds tempting, wait until you find out how many years they stay at school to receive a proper education.

How do you become a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon?

First, they have a bachelor’s degree in medicine, then they stay for 4 additional years to specialize and eventually they have another 4 years in residency in a hospital. If you sum up – these are 12 years of constant education. In addition, to be a good pediatric orthopaedic you should proceed with your education with the most innovative treatments and practices. Travelling around the globe for seminars and training starts as soon as you finish school. As you may see, they deserve their salary because they have invested a lot in their education.

What is pediatric care?

If you are interested in medical names then you probably know that pediatric care means medical care for children and infants. The name has Greek origin and translation is a healer of kids. The care includes not only treatments but the prevention of the worst children health condition. Branch of pediatric care is pediatric orthopaedic. Most people want to know if paediatrics deliver babies. In fact, they will be the first one who will exam the baby after the birth but they won’t interfere with the delivery. That’s someone else job. People often are curious if paediatrics make surgery, too. The short answer is some of them – do, some of them – don’t. Pediatric orthopaedic, for example, provide surgeries because their expertise requires a full care for pediatric orthopaedic conditions.

What age is considered pediatric?

As you may guess, people who are 19 years or more are not considered as children. In this case, he might redirect you to another specialist who will be able to pay you enough attention and treat you. That’s why different doctors have slightly different educational plan and different expertise.

Pediatric orthopaedic conditions

Their expertise affects many areas. If we want to get into details, we have to divide all conditions to a few groups.

The first group is the Spine Conditions

Spine conditions as a part of pediatric orthopaedic conditions include Kyphosis, Spina bifida, Scoliosis, stress fracture, and spine disorders. As you may see, all of them are serious spine conditions that require the highest level of expertise. The spine is responsible for walking and moving so children should have a healthy and well-developed spine.

The Second group is Genetic Conditions

Genetic conditions are Skeletal dysplasia, Achondroplasia, Osteogenesis imperfecta, Hereditary Multiple Exostosis, Neurofibromatosis, and Marfan syndrome. Some of them are inheritable while some of them have an undefined origin. However, all of them might interfere with the normal development of a child’s body.

The third group is Hip Conditions

Pediatric orthopaedics can take care of Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE), Femoral anteversion, Perthes disease, Hip dysplasia, and impingement.

Next group is Knee Conditions

Knees have a complex structure because they are responsible for the movement of the legs. If our knees don’t function properly we won’t be able to walk, sit, or jump. Knee orthopaedic conditions among kids include knee disorders, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries, Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), Blount’s disease and Meniscus tears. Some of them can be a product of injury or a trauma so incidents happen, and we should be familiar with risks.

Foot and Ankle Conditions is next group

They include Vertical talus, Clubfoot, Toe walking, Metatarsus adductus. Like knee conditions, some of them might be a product of incident especially if the kid is playing some sport that includes running or jumping.

The last group is the General Conditions

It is the biggest group and it includes some common orthopaedic conditions and some not so common. Let’s see what’s in it: Shoulder dislocation, Arthrogryposis, Pediatric sports injuries, Bone cysts, Osteomyelitis, Cerebral palsy, Osteochondroma, Fractures and Growth plate fractures, Limb length inequality and Internal tibial torsion.

How to fix carpal tunnel syndrome?

How to fix carpal tunnel syndrome?

Don’t panic if you feel numbness in your hand! Many people rely on their hands for their jobs, commitments, and of course typing and communicating with other people online. The truth is that hands are tired sometimes and people experience pain. In addition, the medical world has found out special syndrome called carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be treated with surgery. We will take a look at all methods to relieve the pain in the wrist. The aim is to relieve the compression of the median nerve. This nerve is positioned over the wrist joint. The nerve comes from the shoulder all the way down to the fingers. Unfortunately, the space in the wrist is limited and sometimes carpal tunnel is too tight due to some reasons. The result is pinching the nerve and pain. Patients can feel pain in the fingers because 9 tendons run through the carpal tunnel. Logically, when there is not enough space, the patient will feel pain.

Why does the carpal tunnel get smaller?

There are different as origin reasons but most common are:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Diabetes;
  • Arthritis;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Repetitive movements of the hand when the wrist is higher than fingers.

What are the possible treatments?

What can you do at home?

If you are knowing what activity is causing the pain just stop it. Don’t try to be a hero and go on with the painful experience. Next thing you can do is to apply ice cubs on your wrist. You have to do that every hour for at least 10 minutes. This method will relieve the pain significantly. Before you go to sleep shake your wrists for a few minutes to relieve the stress. Shaking them is a little funny but you have to stay serious. A wrist splint can help too. If you don’t have one, you might find one at the nearest drugstore. Take some painkiller but make sure you consult with your general physician, first.

If the problem is in repetitive movements that you can’t stop then your best option is to take breaks.

Imagine that you are a musician and playing the guitar is your whole day activity. Your wrists probably would suffer badly, especially if you have bad posture while playing. The same thing applies to typing, writing, folding, etc. If you want really to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, you should take regular breaks. You will need 30-40 seconds for stretching your wrists and shaking your fingers. Sounds easy, right? Why don’t you do it then?

typing wrist

Wrist Splint

Wrist splints, similarly to knee splints, will support your wrists and will limit their movements. In addition, they will reduce the pressure and the tunnel might reverse the process of narrowing. Wearing them during the day is more comfortable that you have imagined so give them a try. Imagine that you are a tennis player and these wrists are as important as your career.

Wrists exercises

The good thing about exercising your wrists is that you can do it everywhere. No matter how occupied is your mind or your body if you don’t use your hands – you can stretch your wrists. One amazing exercise, that is going to banish carpal tunnel syndrome – stretch your fingers, then make a fist slightly, and then stretch your fingers, again. Repeat it until you get bored or too tired. Another good exercise is writing numbers with your fingers – one number with one finger. If you want your wrists and hands to rest don’t put them down – put them up. Elevating limb is a tested method for resting.

When is the time to call your doctor?

More serious conditions need doctor’s opinion so you have to book a consultation. Usually, they prescribe corticosteroids in order to stop the inflammation and carpal tunnel syndrome. If the patient suffers from arthritis then these are the injections that could help him.

The surgery is next step – the surgeon will release the nerve and it won’t hurt anymore. Another good thing that only surgery can accomplish is freeing more space in the tunnel to prevent future pinching. Cutting the ligament is the last thing that the surgeon will do. Don’t worry, the ligament will grow up very quickly. The surgery is a simple one but can save patients from pain and discomfort. We don’t always pay attention to our wrists but in reality, we can’t do a lot of things without them.

Two cups bigger breast implants?

Two cups bigger breast implants?

Undoubtedly, people try to look as beautiful as possible. This struggle has a bad outcome for people who don’t know that even plastic surgery has its own limits. Breast augmentation in Singapore is top plastic surgery so there are plenty of examples of how beautiful breast should look. Ten years ago, not only in Singapore but all over the world, people have considered breast implants for something that is shameful and shouldn’t be done. Unfortunately, breast cancer force many women to have the surgery and society get used to the idea. Society adapts to the new things more slowly than we expect. However, today people who want to alter their breasts could easily do that without society judging them too much.

How my breasts will look more natural?

The choice of plastic surgeon is essential so you should go for the most experienced one. If you have the opportunity to undergo a breast augmentation in Singapore, you are can check JPGlicious breast implants review. In Asia, there is a common practice, plastic surgeons to share their experience. That’s why most of the professional surgeons in Singapore have been working in Korea or China.

Every plastic surgeon with enough experience will tell you that you shouldn’t enlarge your breasts with more than 2 cups. There is a good reason for that except for the fact they will look fake. Imagine that your breasts were not made by a skin and fat tissue but fabric and fat tissue. It wouldn’t be possible to enlarge your size so easily. In reality, the skin at first is not more elastic than a fabric that’s why bigger implants will cause more pain and even stretch marks. Plastic surgeons can tell easily if your new boobs will look fake or natural. Most surgeons are against too many interventions and drastic changes because aesthetic surgery should encourage natural beauty and highlight it, not hide it. As you may know, fake boobs hide natural beauty.

At first, breast implants will be a little uncomfortable but this is understandable due to the fact that the skin adapts slowly. The body needs at least 3 months to adapt completely including back’s new weight. Don’t forget that your spine is carrying your boobs 24/7 so it will need time to adjust to the new weight. This is the next reason why you shouldn’t go for more 2 cup sizes.

Round implants or tear-drop – what should I choose?

It is completely up to you. Round implants look more youthful and fake while tea drops are more mature. However, if you are in love with round implants go for them. Have in mind that after 3 months your skin will loosen a little, and they will change their shape. Normal breasts are in tea drop shape so this should be your choice if you desperately want people not to notice that you have implants. Breast augmentation is the most famous plastic surgery but it comes with certain decisions and that is one of the most important. If you made a wrong decision, you would suffer the consequences or you should have another surgery with a new pair of breast implants. However, every experienced surgeon will explain in details what you should expect before and after the procedure so you are not alone in this fight.

In conclusion, don’t go for more than 2 cup sizes, choose tea drop shape and find an experienced surgeon – all these things should help you get the boobs that you want.


Coolsculpting miracle

Coolsculpting miracle

Thousands of people all over the world undergo a liposuction successfully. Surgical intervention almost every time has good results but some people don’t want to lie under the knife, so they seek for alternative methods. Coolsculpting is a new treatment that promises to remove the liposuction from the scene. Having a Coolsculpting in Singapore is the most fashionable way today to remove fat from the belly area. The downside is that Coolsculpting will have great results only if the patient is suitable for the procedure and his body is ready to be changed this way. One of the places offering coolsculpting is Centre for Cosmetic in Singapore.

All of us used to see online photos before and after liposuction. The difference with Coolsculpting is that here the knife is retired and the surgeon doesn’t make stitches at all. The surgeon can accomplish amazing results in 3, 4 treatments, only. The secret is in the innovative technology which was created by 2 students from Harvard. Of course, today Coolsculpting treatment for a belly, love handles, and thighs are approved by the FDA so it is completely safe to use.

What patients feel during the treatment?

The procedure is not painful or freezing. Most patients report feeling vacuum and cooling. They feel the cold because the tool which is used freeze the fat layer under the skin. Fat cells are frozen and body gets rid of them. Of course, the process takes time – up to 3 months until final results. However, people can lose half an inch of their fats so it is worth waiting. Every procedure is an hour long but patients should have in mind that the first one is more successful. One area can be treated multiple times without side effects.

Who is suitable for Coolsculpting?

We have already mentioned that Coolsculpting will have the best result if the treatment is applied to a suitable patient. What does it mean to be suitable patient? For example, if you have a lot of fat and you want to get rid of it then Coolsculpting is not for you. Liposuction could suck a lot of fat while Coolsculpting in Singapore will sculpt your body, only. Imagine that you had an amazing year and you have accomplished most of your goals – you managed to lose a lot of weight but it is still not enough. You have certain areas where your fat is stubborn as hell and don’t want to vanish and you are almost desperate. Sometimes, we have fat deposits which don’t want to disappear no matter what we do. Usually, these fat deposits are less as quantity and Coolsculpting is the most suitable way to get rid of them easily.

Where does the idea come from?

Every invention or an innovation has its own beginning. Often people have noticed something that other people don’t. The case with Coolsculpting is similar. Creators have noticed that kids who love popsicles have dimples – because cold ruins fat cells in their cheeks. Amazing, right? From popsicles to fat removing treatment that is going to change the non-invasion plastic surgery area.

What are side effects?

Surprise, there are not as bad as side effects after a liposuction. Sometimes patients report a slight bruising and swelling but nothing scary at all. Because it is a non-invasive treatment people are happy to proceed with their normal life right after the procedure.

How expensive is Coolsculpting?

To have a Coolsculpting in Singapore is cheaper than having a liposuction. Coolsculpting is around $1,000 depending on the targeted area but this is the price for 1 procedure. If you want to have permanent results you have to undergo at least 3 or 4 procedures.


Health screening in Singapore

Health screening in Singapore

Taking control of your health is easy. Most people wait until the last moment of symptoms to visit their doctor and then complain that they haven’t expected the illness. The reality is that health is like every other thing in our life, if you don’t pay special attention to it, it will turn against you. No, you are reading this and think “How could I pay more attention to my health?”. It is simple – go to the nearest hospital and ask for a health screening package. Singapore has great clinics and medical institutions so if you need to check your health, check health screening packages in Singapore. Usually, you will receive a list of regular screenings but if you have some additional requirements your doctor can easily add some more. However, if you don’t know how to prepare for a health screening in Singapore, check DoctorXDentist health screening tests guide.

How should I prepare for a health screening?

Health screening is how doctors measure your vitals, blood pressure, levels of different things in your body. If you have diabetes, for example, probably you will need health screening more often than people who are healthy. The rule is that you should visit your doctor or screening at least once every year. It is good to know that what you eat and drink before your tests, could interfere with results.

List of recommendations:

  • Try not to consume food 8 hours before tests. Blood tests require not additional substances in your blood in order to measure the right amount of erythrocytes and leukocytes. You should skin your morning coffee or tea, too. Actually, the only thing it is allowed to drink before health screening is pure water. Otherwise, your glucose and lipid profile will be inaccurate. If you have low blood pressure make sure you have some chocolate in your pocket and right after the test, eat it.
  • Don’t take medications before your tests. Medications will interfere with your results 100%. If you can’t skip your pills, tell your doctor in order to read the results properly. Beta-blockers should be stopped at least three days before the test. You should skip diabetes medications, too. You will be able to take them right after the procedures. Medications that affect heart rate should be avoided, too.
  • Women shouldn’t go for urine tests and Pap tests when they have their menstruation. Actually, the best time is 5 days after the menstruation. Otherwise, blood cells will change the results and your doctor will be confused.
  • Part of health screening package is ultrasound abdomen test.


  • Ultrasound will show your stomach and soft parts. Before using the ultrasound, your doctor will apply on your skin a gel. The gel could make you feel a little inconvenient because it is cold and wet. However, it is not painful just unpleasant. You shouldn’t eat before this test, too.
  • If you have to undergo a pelvic ultrasound, you should drink several glasses of water before it. This needed because water will show the path of the bladder thanks to an acoustic window.
  • The mammogram is the next thing we should pay attention. Although, here the food is not important you shouldn’t wear a deodorant or a cream.
  • The treadmill test is part of health screening in Singapore, too. It is required to bring with you an additional pair of comfortable clothes and shoes. In addition, if you are a woman choose something else, not a pair of heels.
  • If you undergo an eye test, remove your lenses.

What is the importance of clean water?

What is the importance of clean water?

People have some fundamental needs and water is one of them. Everyone needs around 20 liters per day to fulfill daily need of drinking, washing, cleaning etc. People don’t need just water, they need clean fresh water that is not going to make them sick. There is something very simple that most people don’t understand until it is too late, dirty water is not just polluted – it is deadly. We are not supposed to drink poison and our bodies can’t adapt to polluted water. Every living being in this world lives in water or need it to live. That’s how important is clean water without pollution and contamination.

The lack of fresh, clean water causes cholera and diarrhea and more than a million people die every year from these infections. Most of them are children who are not able to absorb the contaminated water. Of course in Singapore, Europe, and the USA we don’t have this kind of problem. Actually, we even have these hot and cold water dispensers in Singapore by Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd. that allows us to pour cold and hot filtered water if we are not happy enough with the water from the pipes.

Where water comes from?

We use water daily, and we don’t even think about where it comes from. We go to school, drink it at the office but the mystery of its presence stays. If you ask a child, it will tell you that water comes from rivers and seas, and he will be right. Before that, the water has to be filtered because bacteria can live in it.

Who cleans the water?

Usually, every country has its own structure and cleaning facilities that worked 24/7. We, at home, receive the final product – clean filtered water. All bacteria, particulates, and chemicals have been removed before the water enters our pipes. Usually, the government has to fund for this service, and we pay part of it, too. When you pay your water taxes, you pay for its cleaning and decontaminating. Eventually, we are able to use it for drinking, preparing food, cleaning and washing.

Where does the wastewater go?

Almost every country has public sanitation systems that clean the water before dump it. Wastewater first is cleaned then is dumped because we take care of nature. Releasing polluted water into the environment in big quantity can lead to enormous health problems because it will fall into soil, plants, and food eventually. When dirty water goes down the drain, it reaches wastewater treatment plant. This plant is cleaning it from contaminants and solid waste. When this is done, the water is ready to proceed to nature. Of course, not everything can be quality clean and that’s why there are some chemicals that don’t have to be flushed into the toilet or poured into drains.

Is the water clean enough?

It depends on what do you want to use it for. If you want to live more healthy and drink pure, clean water, then it is not. If you want to wash your clothes or clean your floor then it is. Alkaline water can help you drink what your body needs. Having a hot cold water dispenser in Singapore is kind of privilege. Drinking clear water is a legal right, and we believe in this. There are several human rights, that are not negotiable, and drinking pure water is one of them.