How to fix carpal tunnel syndrome?

How to fix carpal tunnel syndrome?

Don’t panic if you feel numbness in your hand! Many people rely on their hands for their jobs, commitments, and of course typing and communicating with other people online. The truth is that hands are tired sometimes and people experience pain. In addition, the medical world has found out special syndrome called carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be treated with surgery. We will take a look at all methods to relieve the pain in the wrist. The aim is to relieve the compression of the median nerve. This nerve is positioned over the wrist joint. The nerve comes from the shoulder all the way down to the fingers. Unfortunately, the space in the wrist is limited and sometimes carpal tunnel is too tight due to some reasons. The result is pinching the nerve and pain. Patients can feel pain in the fingers because 9 tendons run through the carpal tunnel. Logically, when there is not enough space, the patient will feel pain.

Why does the carpal tunnel get smaller?

There are different as origin reasons but most common are:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Diabetes;
  • Arthritis;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Repetitive movements of the hand when the wrist is higher than fingers.

What are the possible treatments?

What can you do at home?

If you are knowing what activity is causing the pain just stop it. Don’t try to be a hero and go on with the painful experience. Next thing you can do is to apply ice cubs on your wrist. You have to do that every hour for at least 10 minutes. This method will relieve the pain significantly. Before you go to sleep shake your wrists for a few minutes to relieve the stress. Shaking them is a little funny but you have to stay serious. A wrist splint can help too. If you don’t have one, you might find one at the nearest drugstore. Take some painkiller but make sure you consult with your general physician, first.

If the problem is in repetitive movements that you can’t stop then your best option is to take breaks.

Imagine that you are a musician and playing the guitar is your whole day activity. Your wrists probably would suffer badly, especially if you have bad posture while playing. The same thing applies to typing, writing, folding, etc. If you want really to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, you should take regular breaks. You will need 30-40 seconds for stretching your wrists and shaking your fingers. Sounds easy, right? Why don’t you do it then?

typing wrist

Wrist Splint

Wrist splints, similarly to knee splints, will support your wrists and will limit their movements. In addition, they will reduce the pressure and the tunnel might reverse the process of narrowing. Wearing them during the day is more comfortable that you have imagined so give them a try. Imagine that you are a tennis player and these wrists are as important as your career.

Wrists exercises

The good thing about exercising your wrists is that you can do it everywhere. No matter how occupied is your mind or your body if you don’t use your hands – you can stretch your wrists. One amazing exercise, that is going to banish¬†carpal tunnel syndrome – stretch your fingers, then make a fist slightly, and then stretch your fingers, again. Repeat it until you get bored or too tired. Another good exercise is writing numbers with your fingers – one number with one finger. If you want your wrists and hands to rest don’t put them down – put them up. Elevating limb is a tested method for resting.

When is the time to call your doctor?

More serious conditions need doctor’s opinion so you have to book a consultation. Usually, they prescribe corticosteroids in order to stop the inflammation and carpal tunnel syndrome. If the patient suffers from arthritis then these are the injections that could help him.

The surgery is next step – the surgeon will release the nerve and it won’t hurt anymore. Another good thing that only surgery can accomplish is freeing more space in the tunnel to prevent future pinching. Cutting the ligament is the last thing that the surgeon will do. Don’t worry, the ligament will grow up very quickly. The surgery is a simple one but can save patients from pain and discomfort. We don’t always pay attention to our wrists but in reality, we can’t do a lot of things without them.