How to permanently remove freckles?

How to permanently remove freckles?

Snow white skin was a beauty standard for years. Today, most people don’t imagine plane white skin when we think of a beautiful face. Most people prefer slightly olive skin, that’s why solariums are so popular nowadays because people with crystal white skin can’t dye it in another color. However, sunbathing and solariums have one bad consequence – freckles. Most people just notice one morning these little brown spots, which had come from nowhere. Usually, this fateful morning is right after they came back from a holiday on the beach. The disappointment and the horror appear exactly at this moment. Panic follows and online browsing how to remove them as fast as possible before someone notice. Thankfully, there are worse things that could happen with your skin than freckles so don’t being a drama queen. Let’s find out what exactly are freckles and how to permanently remove them.

How do freckles appear?

Sun exposure causes our skin cells to produce more melanin. The result is a golden tan that we all love so much. Tanning beds do the same but the process is slightly different. However, both, tanning beds and sun exposure increase melanin in body cells. If the process goes on, melanin production becomes too much, and we see it as a freckle.

Some people are predisposed to freckles appearing. Usually, they have white skin and light hair colour. However, if we find 2 people with the same skin colour this doesn’t mean they will have equal quantity freckles. Scientists consider that the most important factor when it comes to freckles is heredity.

OK, so we already know what are freckles and how they appear, now let’s move on how to remove them and never see them again.

How to remove freckles forever?

Honey and vinegar

Mix two tablespoons with vinegar and honey. Apply the mixture on your whole face or on freckles only. You should stay 15 minutes top with the mask. Rinse it with warm water because honey is not easy to wash away. Repeat that every single day and the vinegar will whiten melanin cumulation.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a plant, which has amazing properties. If you apply aloe vera gel on your freckles and massage for several minutes it will penetrate deep into the skin. Unlikely vinegar, aloe vera might stay on your face for a few hours. Aloesin in the Aloe vera prevent pigmentation from developing so you can stop the process in its early stages.

Banana peel

First, eat the banana. Apply the banana peel on the freckles area. Use the inner part of the banana. Gluconolactone is a magical ingredient that helps with anti-ageing and darken spots. Try to do this at least once every two days.

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Eggplant slice

You going to need a small slice of eggplant. Rub it to your freckles and rinse it after 15 minutes. Don’t forget to remove the excessive eggplant from your skin because It can start to irritate it. You can make this every day because eggplants have many vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Good to know is that homemade masks need time and repetitions to start acting. If you need to remove your freckles fast, then there is something called laser pigmentation removal suitable for freckles exactly.

Freckles removal with laser

Aesthetics clinics in Singapore offer freckles removal with lasers. The procedure is fast and there is no downtime. Laser treatments are suitable for removing any types of pigmentation, including dark spots, tattoos, etc. There are different waves according to the different pigmentation but the technology is almost the same. For more details and answers to commonly asked questions about laser treatment for freckles, you have to consult with a specialist in Singapore. They will recommend treatment and will tell you how to take care of your skin in the future.

Skin care is essential no matter what you consider as beauty. Regular cleaning and applying a sunblock are the two things that you should do to protect your skin daily. Don’t forget that freckles might be cute and don’t need removal.