Beauty Tips for Teens

Beauty Tips for Teens

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Perhaps one can find some beauty tips for teen girls if we explore my early teen experiences. I started using a sample product, a sample given by my mom who thought would be suitable for my young skin, it was a sample moisturising lotion from a skin care counter. I thought all skin care products would work wonders on every individual skin – still very naive back then….

After using this special lotion, my skin started to develop blackheads at the sides of my nose. I was at my puberty stage, probably combined with hormonal changes such as extra sebum secretion plus this so called ‘rich moisturising lotion’, my skin became very oily and eventually had blackheads all over my nose area, forehead and hair lines area. Perhaps, it was also the result of consuming too much junk food, unhealthy snacks, oily and fried food. I just did not bother to watch the effects of diet on my skin. (that’s one of the beauty tips for teen girls!)

My mom then brought me to pharmacy, I bought a Kao Biore – a very popular facial cleanser among the teenagers during my time. My classmates and I even talk about this popular cleanser at school. Topics on how Kao Biore makes our skin clean and fresh, most importantly it fitted our budget and its cleansing aroma. We could not afford those expensive skin care products.

My oily skin with blackheads did not go away easily, and whiteheads started appearing. Things got worst and I got so worried and felt embarrassed in school. I tried squeezing my black and whiteheads everyday without realising that it will worsen skin condition and leaves scars and blemishes. (that’s another one of the beauty tips for teen girls!)

I still did not listen to anyone’s advise. All I wanted was blackhead and whitehead free skin and my own thinking was squeezing pimples daily will solve skin problem. I did not admit I was wrong, reacted stubbornly.

Then mom got so fed up seeing me treating my facial skin the wrong method. She brought me to see her beauty therapist, I called her Aunt Angela. She did normal facial, then recommended me to do treatment facials the next few months. I have bought some skin care products from her. Thank goodness, mom paid for it as a birthday gift set!

Aunt Angela recommended me to use the cleanser, toner, moisturiser, masque pack and treatment serum. These beauty items help to solve my skin tone and texture, healing the blemish scars, but not my blackheads and whiteheads. (that’s another one of the beauty tips for teen girls!)Each time before I go for a facial, I would squeeze these unsightly pimples before meeting Aunt Angela, fearing that she would sound me for not caring for my skin.

Times have changed since then and there are a lot of places now to look for other tips and advice about makeup and how to apply certain products to get the desired effect. Recently I’ve found a great source of that in this beauty blogger Vanessa Missy Love and her make up tips and tricks articles are fantastic. With the raise of the internet there is no shortage of people like her so always be looking, learning and stay curious!