The Average Cost of Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

The Average Cost of Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

When a person considers getting a nose surgery, after all the looking at images and wondering if it is really for them type of questioning is finished, they then focus on the price. For many people price becomes the number one factor and getting a quote can sometimes be difficult. We think that it should be easy to get a ballpark idea of how much it is going to cost and in this article we will address how to find to the average cost of nose surgery in your area.

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It All Starts With Researching Local Rhinoplasty Surgeons

One of the first things that you must do when your goal is to find the average cost of a nose job in your area is to research all your local surgeons. Google around and learn who your local surgeons are, take a look at their work, compare them with each other and get an idea as to what type of talent you have in your area among all the local plastic surgeons. With the internet, it is very easy to do this.

Hopefully, Find Rhinoplasty Reviews

As you research and learn more about your local surgeons and see the type of work that they do via their before and after pictures, also look to see if you can find any type of reviews about them. Google business reviews and ratings is often a good source for reading what past patients have to say about a surgeon. Often the experience of multiple patients will give you a good idea how good a surgeon is and how people feel about them. It is a very good resource and will provide the type of information that isn’t available anywhere else.

Call And Ask About Average Price Of Rhinoplasty

After doing research and reading as many reviews that you have found, you are very likely to have made a list of the surgeons that you are interested in. It is at this point that it is a good idea to give them a call on the telephone or even send an email requesting information about cost. What you will find is that some will quote you a basic price or a price range while others will not. Often times when they will not give a price over the phone it is because they know that every case is a little bit different and they want to have you come in to see what exactly you need. Don’t be afraid to go on a few consultations or to let the doctors know that you are getting multiple opinions.

Quality And Expertise Are More Important Than Cost

Price is very important to most people so it is well worth shopping around for the best price. One thing that we also need to realize is that price isn’t everything. Price should take the background to finding a surgeon with plenty of experience and a great reputation vs a cheap one without the same track record. This is your body we are talking about and you owe it to yourself to find a surgeon who is great at what they do.


As you can see, it might take a little bit of work to find the average cost of a nose surgery but the research that you do, all the reading that you do and all the learning that you do is not for waste. It is not for waste because the more you know, the better decision you can make as it comes to choosing the right doctor. Use this advice and you will find the right surgeon.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Singapore

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Singapore

Cosmetic rhinoplasty in Singapore is something that refers to the treatment of nose, which is found to be not in a proper shape and size. This is a kind of disorder, which can take place with any human being. With the help of this surgical method, the disorder can certainly be removed. The world of cosmetic surgery has become so advanced that there are various kinds of surgeries available for different purposes. Basically, with the help of these surgeries, you can easily change the appearance and look of almost all your organs. Talking about your nose, there is a proper time for it to be treated as well. So, when is the correct time for it? Read more to know.

Basically, cosmetic rhinoplasty is a kind of surgery that should be done when the nose has grown completely.

During the teen ages, the nose is still in course of its growth. So, if there is anything doubtful about it, you should certainly wait for the correct time to come. Ideally, it should be done a bit late so that there is no chance of the shape to go bad again in future. However, there are some serious shape disorders, in which the surgeries have to be done early as well. The process of the entire surgery is also of equal importance, which is mentioned below.

A local or general anesthesia is enough for the cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is Singapore cost depends on several things which you can read of here This process can be done in two ways, open technique and closed technique. In most of the cases, it is the bone of the nose that gets tilted during the growth. This tilted bone is treated and made straight with the help of the surgery. The entire process takes not more than approximately 90 minutes. As soon as your surgery is over, you will be released to go home in about 2 hours. A nose pack will be inserted, in order to protect the surgery, which can be opened in a couple of days. For this, you may also have to consult your surgeon as well.

Talking about the surgeons of cosmetic rhinoplasty, you should make sure that you are in the hands of a specialist doctor.

This feeling actually brings a sigh of relief to the minds of patients – check this surgery overview. Not only this, you should also conduct a proper research regarding the doctor and the surgery as well. There are various before and after visuals and snaps, which will give you a very good idea about both surgery and the surgeon. It will certainly help you a lot in choosing the perfect doctor for your treatment. Therefore, you should certainly find the details online and make sure that you are under the best surgeon. Detailed information about rhinoplasty in Singapore clinics is available on the web.

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Non-surgical and Permanent Nose Jobs

Plastic surgery experts long ago concluded that a first rhinoplasty is mishandled in about 20 percent of cases, leaving patients still unhappy about the look of their noses. It’s not so much a case of fumble-thumb doctors, but a very, very difficult procedure –rhinoplasty — that takes, even in the best of hands, years to understand and even longer to master. Usually, an unsatisfying result causes once-burned patients to become research experts searching for a more experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon or even perhaps one who is a nose job “superspecialist”.

Here’s the surgical low-down on nose job re-dos:

Typically, a first rhinoplasty has resulted in grooves, moguls and depressions on the outside of the nose, visible to all who can see. Most times, too much bone and cartilage have been taken from the nose. What has happened? The very deft touch and extensive knowledge of nasal anatomy required for taking out just the right amount of nose tissue has not quite settled in on the first surgeon. Not only must that first cosmetic surgeon have a feel for the “right amount” of tissue to remove, he or she must see through the complete healing of dozens — if not hundreds — of such noses. But the patient only cares that the first nose job left the nose looking pinched or too scooped out. Ah, but what to do?

A second, or revision, surgery means:

  • More time away from the job and family
  • Another expensive procedure
  • Yet more downtime for healing
  • Other inconveniences including some post-op discomfort

But there is another way: nose filler injections.  One particular patient was a case in point. Previously, she had multiple surgeries on her nose to correct the damage done on her first rhinoplasty. She was really down in the mouth about having yet another surgery but was extremely unhappy with her nose’s look. But when learned of another way to achieve a permanent revision without surgery, she became so overwhelmed by relief, she shed tears of joy in the consultation room.

non-surgical nose job

How are the changes affected with only syringes?

Droplets of liquid silicone, injected just under the skin of the nose with ultra-fine needles – about the width of four human hairs – can work magic for repairing nose irregularities. More good news: no need to hide afterwards. The injection procedure involves no bruising, swelling or facial discoloration. After the injections, you go back to whatever you were doing before the appointment.  Many patients have not heard to using silicone droplets to repair bad places on the nose.


  • Silicone in breast implants have been proven to be safe
  • Silicone drops are FDA cleared for use inside the eye, an even more critical and delicate area
  • Solid silicone is used for FDA-cleared artificial joints and heart valves
  • Just about everybody has been exposed to liquid silicone

Hypodermic needles used to take blood samples or give other injections are coated with silicone drops to make puncturing the skin easier and less painful. Cosmetic plastic surgeons are allowed to use the drops under a concept known as “off-label”. That means a device or substance – silicone drops in this case – is used for a purpose not intended by the manufacturer.

But in the physician’s best judgement, it’s the best choice because it has worked well for his other patients. Additionally, it does not take much to get great results. About 25 percent of a teaspoon does the job. Other popular fillers – like Restylane, Juvederm and collagen — only last six months, after which they are absorbed by the body. A good place to read about the non-surgical nose job procedures is Singapore Beauty Secrets. The non-surgical nose job with filler injection is temporary, those injections need to be repeated. But silicone drops are permanent. 

Nonetheless, most revision rhinoplasty patients are only offered additional, expensive complex surgical session in the operating room. Nonetheless, the final results of yet more bone or cartilage tissue grafts are unpredictable at best. But some cases cannot avoid surgery. The nose’s chief job is breathing; if a nasal blockage prevents the normal passage of air, there’s no choice except surgery. Some patients find the concept of the injection treatment hard to swallow, even when shown before and after rhinoplasty revision pictures.

So they are offered a test drive. The patient is given:

  • A mirror
  • An injection of sterile, salt water into the dents, moguls and other nose defects

While the salt water dissipates in an hour, the saline does its job and briefly creates a more pleasing nasal appearance. Before and after pictures are taken during the test drive and e-mailed to the patient so it can be mulled over with the family.

You won’t find many rhinoplasty revision doctors offering revision rhinoplasty via silicone drops. But if you do, be sure and ask:

  • How long have you performed this technique?
  • May I see one of your patients who had a similar problem fixed by liquid silicone?
  • Do you still have before and after pictures of salt water “test drives”?